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NuMED Inc. and NuMED Canada Inc., manufacturers of Angioplasty and Valvuloplasty catheters, have a long standing commitment in meeting our customer’s expectations by providing a high quality product. At NuMED, we see quality improvement as a continual process, aimed at satisfying these expectations and requirements at every stage.

With over 40 years experience in the cardiovascular catheter field, Mr. Allen J. Tower has established a proud legacy in helping children around the world with congenital heart defects.  He has established the following companies:

NuMED Inc., founded in Hopkinton, New York, U.S.A. in 1984, consists of a manufacturing facility; an extrusion facility, which has experience working with and extruding a full range of catheter materials; and a fully equipped Research & Development department, which is responsible for the design feasibility, FDA testing, and introduction of many catheter designs.

NuMED Canada Inc., founded in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada in 1990, was originally formed to sell and market medical angioplasty devices purchased from the parent company, to cater to the needs of the worldwide market and with the intent of establishing a manufacturing department. In September 2000, NuMED Canada Inc. moved their operations to a new facility. The new building consists of a modern manufacturing department which caters to the needs of the medical community of over 50 countries world wide with export being 90% of the total product throughput.

All NuMED facilities contain environmentally controlled rooms that are monitored on a regular basis. Along with our line of catheters, NuMED is also equipped to do Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contract work for other companies in the industry. Many companies utilize NuMED expertise in the development of OEM products from concept to production. NuMED has become well known for its willingness to work directly with physicians and designers to meet the demanding needs of today’s medical community.

In 2003, Mr. Allen J. Tower was the recipient of the PICS Award for Outstanding Achievement in recognition of his innovative contribution in the field of Pediatric Interventional Cardiology, presented to him in Orlando, Florida

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