Cera VSD Occluder

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The Cera VSD occluder is a self-expandable, double disc device coated with proprietary titanium nitride. Dense PTFE membranes being capable to block high-pressure blood flow are securely sewn into device with an excellent immediately complete closure rate. Conforming anatomical features of ventricle defect, The Cera VSD series provides optimal design of three types of peri-membranous VSD devices and one type muscular VSD device.


  • Decrease the dissolution of nickel ion efficiently, expected safe long-term biocompatibility.
  • Promote the growth of endothelial tissue, lessen thrombus complication.
  • Superior superelastic, effectively reduce atrioventricular block occurrence.

Cera VSD Muscular

Cera VSD Eccentric


 Cera VSD Symmetric

Cera VSD Asymmetric



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